msg.h File Reference

#include <mware/event.h>
#include <struct/list.h>
#include <kern/proc.h>

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void msg_lockPort (UNUSED_ARG(MsgPort *, port))
 Lock a message port.
void msg_unlockPort (UNUSED_ARG(MsgPort *, port))
 Unlock a message port.
void msg_initPort (MsgPort *port, Event event)
 Initialize a message port.
void msg_put (MsgPort *port, Msg *msg)
 Queue msg into port, triggering the associated event.
Msg * msg_get (MsgPort *port)
 Get the first message from the queue of port.
Msg * msg_peek (MsgPort *port)
 Peek the first message in the queue of port, or NULL if the port is empty.
void msg_reply (Msg *msg)
 Send back (reply) msg to its sender.

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